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Good Costume Drama Icons

Good Costume Drama Icons
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Welcome to costume_elite. This is a closed community for high quality costume & period drama icons (similar to such communities as good_fanicons and goodaustenicons). Icons may be of movies, mini-series, television shows, book covers, quotes, paintings & photography etc., as long as they all pertain to costume/period drama.

Because this is a closed community, you must apply for membership, and you must be approved by the moderators of the community to gain posting access. Once approved, you will be sent an invite to join the community.

You are more than welcome to simply friend the community, if you just want to see the lovely icons. :) If you’re looking for something specific, check out the tags.
To avoid any issues and to keep this community running smoothly, please follow these few rules:

* DO NOT try to join by clicking "To join the community, click here". You must apply for membership.
* If you just want to see the icons, friend the community. Do not request to join.
* Remember to respect the rules of the icon makers when taking their icons. If they ask that you credit them, please do so.
* No requests; there are many communities out there specifically for requests, this is not one of them.
If you wish to become a member of the community, apply here. All posting rules are listed there. If you do not intend on posting, do not apply, simply friend the community instead.
We are proud to be affiliated with the following communities:

bbc_stills (BBC Television Icon Challenge)
still_epics (Period/Adventure Film Icon Challenge)
goodaustenicons (Good Jane Austen Icons)
period_stills (Period Drama Icon Challenge)
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regency_stills (Regency Period Icon Challenge)
titaniccontest (Titanic [1997] Icon Challenge)

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